Sharad Raj Singh Maurya

CS Student | Developer | Blogger

About Me

Hello World It’s Sharad!, I love making projects, having fun and enjoy playing video games.

My most impressive skills include clicking, right clicking and double clicking.
As a side note, I am also well versed in ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS and Drinking Cold Coffee, but mostly the clicking thing.


World's smallest static site generator developed by me in Python

my_py_site is the most simplest and lightweight static site generator out there, with approx 90 lines of code it becomes the World's smallest Static Site Generator which is capable of generating multiple pages, blogs. Some highlights are: Almost similary to Jekyll, YML Front matter, Jinja 2 Templates, Deploy on Netlify (Just fork and add it to netlify), Compatible with Netlify CMS, Made in India :)

Twitter Feed Images Scrapping API

An API that returns the links of the feed images of any public account.

I started this project while I was learning Web Scrapping and it has since grown into a fully fledged API. I have learned many skills through this and I’m very proud of having this in my portfolio. If you don’t have a project as awesome as this I would advise you make one.

A tiny Javascript library

While I was developing a Static Site Generator of mine I faced a lot of problems in fetching all the files on the server, I came to know about the Github API while doing some research so made a JavaScript library for it. You can use it to get an array of specifice type of files or an array of all the files in the specific folder in the Github repository.

A JavaScript library for generating tables form a link to csv file

This is the second library that I developed while developing my static site generator. You can use this library for generating a table dynamically using a link to CSV file.

A JavaScript Game

A game that I developed while learning JavaScript, sogo ahead and Collect the Infinity Stones in this amazing game. F12 is the cheat code

A feed reader

This project took just 1 day, it’s a Java Swing Based RSS, Atom Feed reader made for Dark Mode Lovers. It uses ROME for parsing the feeds and SQLITE3 for storing the list of sites and their feed links.




2017 - 2020 (Pursuing)

Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching. ― Oscar Wilde

During my time at GIHS I learnt most of my key skills that have I have taken through my career such as teamwork and working to tight deadlines. I thouroughly enjoyed my time at college and learnt a lot about a healthy work life balance.

You will mostly find me doing some fun stuff in the CS Lab.


12th (PCM)

2016 - 2017

Some of the best moments of my life.

If asked to me, these were the days when I enjoyed the least and studied the most, back in those days I used to do a lot of experiments in Physics lab (favourate subject).

Made a lot of models in exhibitions and competitons held at distric level. These were the days of grooming.



2014 - 2015

I joined KGIC in 2013 in 9th after my transfer from another school. From then I never looked back.

It was really challenging but enjoyed it. From becoming an average student to the district 5th rank holder in ICSE, life changed drastically.

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in software development some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Playing Video Games
  • Hitting Volleyball