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Eclipse setup for Java in Ubuntu 18.04+

22 May 2019

Before starting the installation of Eclipse in our Ubuntu we should first check whether we have JAVA DEVELOPMENT KIT (JDK) installed or not, so in order to install your Eclipse successfully follow the procedure


Checking JDK is installed or not:

Run the command below

java -version

If you get output something like


Then you are good to proceed to the installation STEP 3 otherwise proceed to next step.


JDK types

Now before the installation you should know that there are two types of JDK available.

  1. Open JDK
  2. Oracle JDK

We will be going with Open JDK, however you can install Oracle JDK.

Oracle JDK has some extra commercial features but for a beginner Open JDK is sufficient.


Run the following commands one by one

sudo apt update
sudo apt install default-jdk
sudo apt install default-jre
java -version


Eclipse installation

Run the following command

sudo snap install --classic eclipse

This will install eclipse in your Ubuntu and produces following output after installation.

eclipse 4.8.0 from 'snapcrafters' installed

After installation

Launch the IDE from application menu wait for some time, let it start. No you can leave all the things and click Launch or specify any folder where all the projects have to be saved.

Click Launch


My eclipse screenshot with dark theme


Thank You !