Sharad Raj

I am a Full Stack Developer / Designer living in Barabanki, India.

I created World's smallest static site genertor in 2 hours.

20 Jan 2020

I have used almost all the popular static site generators and I always wanted to make one.

As my vacations were going on and I was thinking of doing some project stuff, It was the right time to make it happen so I started.I wanted it to be almost similar to Jekyll and also compatible with Netlify CMS.

I had experience of development of SSG using C++ and it helped me in achieving what I wanted in almost 2 hours.

HIGHLIGHTS OF my_py_site

I think my_py_site is the most simplest and lightweight static site generator out there, with less than 90 lines of code.

I’ll request you all to show some ♥ to the project and share it in the community. Also don’t forget to star the repo

The development will go further and enhancements will be done in the future to make things more easy.

How to use

After cloning or downloading the just run

pip install -r requirements.txt

and the site will be generated.

Live Demo

my_py_site supports multiple blogs and pages, you dont have to do modify the file.

For any help