Sharad Raj

Full Stack Developer driven by a deep fascination for transformers and their applications in the field of NLP & Computer Vision.

Projects ♾️

DSVV Complaints Portal

Flutter Dart REST MongoDB Express NodeJS
Developed for Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya.

A versatile platform available on Android and web, catering to different user roles - Complainer, Resolver, Department Admin, and Super Admin. Features like Lodging complains with GPS location, Image upload, Push notifications and status tracking are available.

The app is currently in beta testing phase.

Acche Quotes

HTML CSS JS Github Pages
Create personalized wallpapers with inspirational quotes from the Bhagavad Gita and more. Customize text and background colors for a unique touch. Stay inspired with Acche Quotes, where wisdom meets creativity.

ICYYA Index of Papers

HTML CSS JS Google Cloud Github Pages
A website for Index of papers submitted in the 4th International Conference by scholars, researchers, scientists, yogis, spiritual gurus, professionals and practitioners.

DSVV CS Events

HTML CSS JS ParticlesJS Swiffy Slider Github Pages
Website for events held in Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya Computer Science department.

Naya Tab Extension

HTML CSS JS Svelte Web Extensions
A new tab extension for Chrome/Brave/Firefox/Edge or any chromium based browser. Search for "Naya Tab" on webstore/mozilla addons/edge webstore to install it.

AnjaniBooks Vendor Hub

HTML CSS JS React NodeJS Express MongoDB MERN REST Heroku Netlify
A freelance MERN stack project for a client with an online bookstore platform to manage their book vendors across India.

Akash Gramin Mahila Vikash Samiti Website

HTML CSS JS Bulma PHP MySQL Wordpress
A custom wordpress theme for AGMVS, an NGO from Bihar. The website is currently not working because the NGO faced some financial issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Material You Jekyll Theme

A Jekyll theme for Material You Lovers.

Serial Programmer Jekyll Theme

A Jekyll theme for serial programmers.

Face Recognition Based Online Attendance System

HTML CSS JS Bootstrap Python Flask OpenCV Heroku Render SQLite
This project uses OpenCV for Face Detection, Flask and JS for handling camera stream.

Github Issue Notes

HTML CSS JS React Github REST API Vercel Serverless
Turn your repository issues into notes with this React & Github REST API based theme with serverless backend.


Python PyPI
A command line utility in Python for taking notes.


HTML CSS JS Bootstrap Python Flask Heroku Render SQLite NLTK TextBlob REST
A free REST API for sentiment analysis of the text.

Shar Pod AudioPlayer

HTML CSS JS Web Components
An open source web component for your daily podcast needs

Shar Audio Player Plugin

A minimal audio player written in Vanilla JS

Image 2 PDF Action

GitHub Actions Docker Linux
Action for converting images stored in a folder to pdfs according to the specified page size and saving the output pdfs to the specified folder.

Image Resizer Action

GitHub Actions Docker Linux
An action for resizing images according to the given resolution for resizing , the folder of original images and the output folder for resized images.


Python Flask MongoDB Heroku
An online platform to save url links. It has features like categories, sharing categories with other users and much more. Tech stack includes Python, Flask and MongoDB.

Digi Class

Python Flask MongoDB Heroku
A web based class assignment management webapp built in Python & Flask using MongoDB.

Minimal Notes

A Minimal note taking PWA app that uses IndexDB to store notes in the browser.


Python Static Site Generator
World's smallest static site generator developed by me in Python

Dark Feeder

Java Swing
A Java Swing Based RSS, Atom Feed reader made for Dark Mode Lovers

Twitter Feed Images Scrapping API

Python Flask Selenium
An API that returns the links of the feed images of any public account. Have Fun !

GST Based Billing System

Java Swing MySQL
This was my summer training project developed in Java, Swing, MySQL. (Can't share the repo link due to some reasons)

Game Of Infinity Stones

Collect the Infinity Stones in this amazing JavaScript game